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What is Run My Shop

Run My Shop is an on-demand shop management application geared towards any company, large or small. With the most advanced technology and forward thinking methodology in the printing industry, Run My Shop is a perfect fit for any company looking to get organized.
What type of shop is this system geared towards?
Run My Shop is specifically designed to help organzie screen printing companies and can also be used to manage embroidery shops.
How will Run My Shop benefit my company?
Run My Shop will benefit your company on so many different levels! With every angle of the printing industry covered and tested from some of the leading printing companies in the industry, Run My Shop is guaranteed to improve your business significantly. Try our risk-free trial version now and see how this application can benefit your company! Click to learn more!
Do I need to give a credit card to take part in the free trial offer?
Yes. We require a single month's payment to cover the start up costs of setting up a new account but we give you your second month's service free!
Who do I contact to troubleshoot problems?
You can follow the links within your account for customer support and troubleshooting. For immediate assistance you can email our Help Desk. Your concerns are important to us and we will typically respond within 24-48 hours.
How do I order Run My Shop?
Very simple! Head over to the Sign-Up Section! A Run My Shop representative will get in touch with you to give you access to the system!
Can you send quotes out with this system too?
Absolutely! When you place an order for a client you'll have the option to post it as quote or placed order. If you choose quote at any point you can adjust the status to a placed order.
Do you have to use all of the features for the system to work correctly?
No, the system will work regardless of what features you choose to use. For instance, if you have a payroll setup you are comfortable using, you do not have to opt-in to the payroll method we suggest.
Is there a limit on how many designs can be placed in one order?
No, there is not a limit as to how many designs can be placed in each order.
Can you track order history with a specific client?
Of course! Run My Shop allows you to review all orders placed by each client at any time.
How do I change a password in the system?
Click Settings < Users - Select a user from this page and you can adjust the password along with all other personal information about that user.
How do I add users to the system?
Click Settings < Users < Add A User - Fill out all appropriate information on the form and you'll be all set. Make sure to assign proper access levels to each Run My Shop user.
How long does it take to set my account up?
Activation of accounts can take anywhere from 24-48 hours pending current volume.
Is the licesning fee charged on a monthly basis?
Yes, all accounts are charged on a monthly basis concluding the free trial offer.
Does Run My Shop work on a Mac & PC as well as all web browsers?
Run My Shop works on Mac & PC as well as ALL browsers.
Can I purchase the software at a flat rate?
To inquire about purchasing Run My Shop at a flat rate, please email our Finance Department.